Search and Reunion Services

Where We Begin

Clients of Family Design Resources' adoption search and reunion services become connected with our agency various ways, sometimes contacting us directly and sometimes referred through a court, children and youth agency, an adoption agency, or an attorney.  Regardless, our process begins with a phone call.  We find it helpful to understand how a person decided to initiate a search and whether our search and reunion services appear to meet their need.

Other Resources

During the initial and subsequent conversations, our Authorized Representatives will identify other potential no or low cost resources to support the search. Depending on where the adoption was finalized and the courts and agencies involved, there may be alternatives to FDR's services.  These alternative resources may include agency or court-based Authorized Representatives, the Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry, and more.  Our goal is to ensure your search needs are met by whomever can best support.

Information Packet

Following the initial conversation with our Authorized Representative, Family Design Resources may mail an information packet containing materials about our agency and program, our tiered fee structure, a simple questionnaire and helpful resources to gauge readiness for an adoption search, and a request for services form.  The length of time that passes between the initial telephone conversation and the formal Request for Services varies from person to person.  When the time is right for you, the request form and payment is mailed to our agency and services begin upon receipt.

Tiered Services and Fees

Family Design Resources' adoption search and reunion services are provided in a graduated manner.  All services begin with a Non-Identifying Information search and proceed through a Facilitated Adoption Reunion, as needed.

  • Non-Identifying Information

    The Authorized Representative locates and reviews adoption records and prepares a Summary of Non-Identifying Information on the subject of the search.

  • Identifying Information and/or Contact

    The Authorized Representative facilitates consent to release identifying information about or contact with the subject of the search.

  • Facilitated Adoption Reunion

    Some clients elect to have a mediated meeting, allowing the Authorized Representative to facilitate a reunion between two parties.

All search services begin with a Non-Identifying Information search. 

An Identifying Information search may be requested upon completion of a Non-Identifying Information search.

A Facilitated Adoption Reunion may be requested upon completion of an Identifiying Information search.


Family Design Resources' policies and processes are designed to protect the confidentiality of our search clients.  Your request and related case documentation is seen and handled in a limited manner by program staff.  Our search specialist is the primary point of contact between the agency and the client.  Care is taken to communicate only through the channels indicated by the client on the Request for Services.

Working with an Authorized Representative

When Family Design Resources receives a Request for Services and payment, search services are initiated immediately.  Our search specialist, who is a credentialed Authorized Representative, will contact you directly to coordinate aspects of your case and answer questions about the process and what to expect.