Authorized Representative Services

Authorized Representative Services for Courts and Agencies

Compliance with Act 101 of 2010 presents challenges to courts, county children and youth agencies, and private adoption agencies by straining capacity and resources.  The law requires every court, county children and youth agency, and licensed adoption agency to have an Authorized Representative (AR) who responds to requests for and performs adoption searches on behalf of the agency. FDR's program transfers this responsiblity from the court or agency to our agency.

Two Purposes:

  • Provides outsourced Authorized Representative services to agencies to be compliant with Act 101.
  • Provides adoption search and reunion services to individuals seeking to locate their birth relatives.

Agency Benefits

The benefits to agencies include:

  • Requires no fee from the agency
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for ongoing training and support for ARs
  • Preserves agency staff time for other responsibilities
  • Reports from FDR ensure timely compliance with Act 101
  • Eliminates the need to set up a search fee model and collect fees, an option for agencies in accordance with the Act.
  • Provides confidence that search requests are managed and facilitated by a trained AR
  • Eliminates the need to seek or train a replacement when an AR leaves an agency
  • Assures confidential, sensitive and timely responses for qualified individuals seeking a search

How the Program Works

FDR's Adoption Search Program goal is to set a standard of best practice for the delivery of adoption search services within Pennsylvania.  As the endorsed provider of training for Authorized Representatives, it is the agency's intent to cultivate a statewide community of search professionals that both supports and challenges this developing practice in Pennsylvania.  We will do this by encouraging practice-related dialogue among Authorized Representatives, providing opportunities for continuous learning, and engaging skilled searchers in the services provided.

For more information on how FDR works with and receives adoption search and reunion referrals from court and agency clients, please contact our agency at