Child Profile

A Child Profile is a comprehensive written review of a child's social, emotional and medical history. While a typical children and youth case record is very large, a child profile provides a summary, conveying the essence of the child to the reader and emphasizing the child's strengths. Profiles are particularly beneficial for Independent Living (IL) youth who often do not know an accurate account of their own history.

In Pennsylvania, this service is available to any child in the custody of Children and Youth. Referrals for this SWAN-administered service are made by the county having legal custody of the child. Required timelines for completion and a detailed description of the contents of a Child Profile guide agencies who complete the service. FDR's SWAN Technical Assistants provide consultation and training; Program Managers provide administrative oversight and reporting.

Child Profiles are typically the mechanism used to provide required medical and social history information on children in substitute care to the Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry.

To find out more about how Child Profile supports the permanency process, please contact the Program/Development office.