Child Preparation

We know that our past shapes our future. All our lives we rework experiences from our childhood. FDR believes that all children deserve help along their journey to permanency. Child preparation allows children and youth to revisit the past safely and look forward towards the future so they can succeed with a family.

The Child Preparation Program, administered through FDR, incorporates principles from the 3-5-7 ModelĀ© developed by Darla Henry, Ph.D., co-founder of Family Design Resources. The Program addresses seven core issues - shame, grief and loss, control, loyalty, identity, attachment, and abandonment - that affect every relationship the child has or tries to have and how the child experiences the world.

Child preparation is intense preparation designed to assist children in making the transition from foster care to the permanency option selected for them. Through a written plan, the caseworker addresses five goals:

  • Honor the child's past.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Give the child a voice.
  • Create connections.
  • Look to the future.

Skilled staff use techniques such as the life book, timelines, genograms and individual or group intervention to support the process. Child Preparation is used in hopes of preventing adoption disruption and reducing the time to finalization.

To find out more about how Child Preparation supports permanency, please contact the Program/Development office.