Preservation of the family is essential. Family Design Resources (FDR) has a strong post-adoption and post-permanency program that gives supportive services to families who are providing permanency to their children. Family Design Resources can customize a post-adoption post-permanency program to meet the needs of the families you serve.

Permanency is about connections…Connections that build and support families.

Permanency is not easy…It requires connections that are supported by a network of services that build resiliency in both the child and family.

Permanency requires…A model for post permanency care...a model that facilitates system change and gently guides families and children into a vision of hope and stability.


  • They gave me hope…because if there is not support for those who adopt a child, you run the chance of an adoption dissolving, a family broken and a child experiencing a horrible loss.

    Adoptive Mother on Post-Permanency Services

  • To have these services available to us…I just can’t say enough. It breathes new life into you.

    Adoptive Mother on Post-Permanency Services

Why are post-adoption programs part of permanency?

After receiving post-adoption permanency services families reported they felt more in control.

Families recommended post-adoption permanency services to other families.

Families felt the services helped stabilize and strengthen their families.

To find out more about how our post-adoption permanency services can help the families you serve, please contact the Program/Development office.