Placement and Finalization

The permanency process and the child welfare system in general are confusing. Imagine what a family feels as they navigate what must seem to be a never ending and disorienting journey. Imagine the uncertainty and confusion for a child trying to forge relationships with their new family while adjusting to a new environment and routines.

In Pennsylvania, Child Placement and Finalization are SWAN service units that support families seeking a child and a child's successful transition into a permanent home. It encompasses activities related to matching waiting children and families. For families this may involve creating materials to highlight the family, presenting the family at matching activities, and providing a liaison between the children and youth agency and the family so that the family fully understands the information presented to them about a child.

Finalization is more than the day the child is adopted. A tremendous amount of energy and attention should be directed to ensure the stability of the placement. Finalization services are provided to children and youth who are placed with families who intend to adopt them. The service covers the activities involved in ensuring that a child and a family adjust to one another. Following the adoption, the family may contact the supporting agency far into the future should they need assistance.

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