Practice Self-Regulation™

From trauma to triumph: Practice Self-Regulation™ stops harm, heals pain, and changes lives

Practice Self-Regulation™ for Sexual Health (PS-R™) is a trauma-informed model that promotes health and well being in adolescents impacted by adverse childhood experiences. Grounded in cutting-edge neurosciences, PS-R™ teaches participants to put past trauma in a new light, manage emotions in healthy ways, and take steps toward achieving life goals.

PS-R™ addresses underlying issues that put young people affected by trauma at increased risk for pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and sexual harm. The 10-week program provides a safe space for participants (whether sexually active or not) to address the impact of trauma and explore how values, beliefs, choices, and personal goals affect their sexual health and well being. PS-R™ helps youth to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Practice self-regulation
  • Make healthy sexual decisions, including asking for and giving sexual consent, and negotiating protected, harm-free sex
  • Use condoms along with another effective contraceptive method
  • Reduce their number of sex partners

Engagement = Success

PS-R™ was developed with youth input and includes videos, real life stories, photos, and interactive elements to keep participants engaged. Program facilitators use Motivational Interviewing to help youth explore and clarify their own personal values and facilitate behavioral change.

Research and Outcomes

PS-R™ is currently being evaluated in two federally-funded randomized controlled studies.  To date, thousands of young people have benefited and preliminary outcomes are extremely positive.

About the Program Administrator and Developers

Shelly Castillo, program specialist, administers the PS-R™ program for Family Design Resources in Pennsylvania.  She is a seasoned caseworker and is a PS-R™ certified facilitator.

Joann Schladale, MS, LMFT, is the founder of Resources for Resolving Violence, Inc. and author of three trauma-informed workbooks for youth including Practice Self-Regulations™ and The T.O.P.* Workbook for Sexual Health.

Aaron Plant, MPH, is vice president of Sentient Research and has more than 15 years of experience creating technology-driven programs to improve youth health and well being.

Contact Us

To find out more about PS-R™ and how the program promotes healthy youth development, please contact the Program/Development office.