Family Design Resources’ consultation services are outcome driven. We will work with you to develop the desired outcomes and then collaboratively agree to the plan to reach them.

FDR has extensive consultation experience in both child welfare and education. Our program management strategy has been shared with agencies and organizations in Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Connecticut and Arizona. We are also a consultant to Spaulding for Children, a national resource center with adoption expertise.

Our consultative services include:

  • Legal partnerships that reduce legal barriers within the child welfare system
  • Networks that build consistency and collaborative partnerships
  • Statewide collaboration to implement strategies and techniques within state barriers
  • Conference and event planning to ensure your meetings and events are expertly managed and objectives are met
  • Helpline support that will create or help you effectively manage your telephone resources
  • Resource Maximization to ensure resources are managed effectively for fiscal accountability while also achieving desired outcomes

To learn more about our programs and capabilities or to find out how Family Design Resources can assist your organization, contact us.